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Spielpläne Ma/Hd/Lu:

Nationaltheater Ma
Theater Lu
Zimmertheater Hd
Klapsmuehl Ma
Taetertheater Hd
Theater HD

Album Z & Dan

Pic With Or Without You [chords] (02.01.06)
Pic Emergency
Pic Cortez the Killer [chords] (26.01.06)
Pic Santa Ana [chords] (09.02.06)
Pic Fire in Cairo [chords] (10.02.06)
Pic Youngstown [chords] (09.03.06)
Pic It's all over now Baby Blue [chords] (23.03.06)
Pic One [chords] (09.04.06)
Pic Throw Your Hatred Down [chords] (25.04.06)
Pic Promised Land [chords]
Pic Born To Run [chords]
Pic With God on our Side [chords]
Pic Things Have Changed [chords]
All I Want Is You[chords]
Knocking On Heavens Door [chords]
Love And Only Love [chords]
Rocking In The Free World [chords]
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [chords]
Acoustic-Song Dan [chords]
Rock-Song Dan [chords]
Hotel California [chords]
The Scientist [chords]
9 Million Bycicles [chords]
From Hank to Hendrix [chords]
Helpless [chords]
Journey Through the Past [chords]
My, my, hey, hey [chords]
The Needle and the Damage done [chords]
Look Out For My Love [chords]