Computer and Video Game Soundtracks *Update*

Here is a small collection of mp3s/oggs and online radio streams playing computer- and/or videogame soundtracks. I've left out streams and collections that only include demos/non-game-content and are of low quality.

Infinite Game Music

Range: Nes, Snes, Arcade, C64, Genesis, Atari XE and more
Infinite Game Music is a series of free online compilations intended to offer the best game soundtracks and chiptunes. Great great stuff.

The High Voltage SID Collection
Range: c64
THE collection of c64s sid-files (plugins available). Right now with more than 35.000 tunes.

Amiga Music
Range: Amiga only
Impressive collection of all your favorite Amiga tunes.

Range: Amiga only
One of the biggest collections of amiga tunes in the original source format.

Galbadia Hotel
complete albums
Range: Nearly Everything?
Huge Collection.

SNES Music
Range: SNES
Collection with lots of SNES tunes. All in the SPC-Format. A plugin for winamp is available.

video game MP3 resource
Range: Videogames

Radio Streams:

Kohina [up]

Range: Classic Computer, Classic Console
Tha Classic here means really classic: C64, Amiga, SNES, PC Engine
The High Quality Streams are in OGG. Currently Kohinas playlist contains more than 1250 tracks.

8bitfm.com *NEW*
Range: Classic Console

Gaming FM [down]
Range: Computer (Classic, Modern), Console (Classic, Modern)
Huge Selection of Video- and Computergame Soundtracks. They've got four Channels: Total PC, Classic Console, Modern Console, Complete Selection.

The Video Gamers Amp [down]
Range: mostly Classic Console but also Modern Console and Classic Computer
Also Huge, but with its focus on Classic Console. Modern Console and PC are played too but less often (They've got Day of the Tentacle :-))

Gamers of Oklahoma State University [up]
Range: Console (Classic, Modern)
Lots of Console stuff, but nothing PC as far as i know.

ocremix Videogame Music Remixes [up]
Range: Classic Console
Remixes of popular and not so popular Classic Console Games (max 80 kbit, but thats sufficient)
The tracks played are from the ocremix homepage

Power of the Games Radio [up]
Range: Console (Classic, Modern)
<1000 Songs

Slay Radio
Range: C64 only
Remixes of old C64 Games

Range: Video and Computergames. Classic and Modern.
From the intro on the homepage: "Rainwave is a video game music internet radio station that lets you control what goes on the air!"


Range: Amiga only
Remixes of old Amiga Games and Demos. Pretty small collection right now but growing fast

Retro PC Game Streaming Radio
Range: Really old (mostly japanese) stuff (80s/90s)
The page itself is japanese too, scroll down for the stream.

Range: Classic and Modern Console
Nearly exclusively Stuff from SquareEnix Games. Lets keep that one in mind.

If you know some more please post them in the comments

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